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The United Arab Emirates is a land of peace, prosperity and beauty. There is no doubt that Hatta, Jebel Jais and Khorfakkan are the most lovable tourist attractions (“Hatta, Jebel Jais and Khorfakkan top the list of most prominent mountain tourism centres in UAE,” Oct. 29, Gulf Today website).

The mountainous areas have entered strongly in the list of the most important tourist attractions in the country during the past few years, and have become attractive destinations for investments, especially in light of the official attention they receive that contributed to improve the level of services and infrastructure in them.

Hatta, Jebel Jais and Khorfakkan are the best places to visit and experience the natural beauty the United Arab Emirates is blessed with.

I am sure tourists will have their best experience visiting the astonishing mountain destinations in Hatta, Jebel Jais and Khorfakkan.

Saleem Shah — By email

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