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Graceful presence

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Kate Middleton

This is with reference to the news item published on Jan.10, Gulf Today, “Duchess of Cambridge, Britain’s reliable Royal Kate, turns 40.”  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, turned 40 on Sunday, hitting the milestone as her profile soars alongside her husband, Prince William, the future king. She deserves praise for the way she is carrying herself. She is an epitome of grace and simplicity. She has always been seen wearing an infectious smile on her face and is also very much active in charitable and social activities.

Catherine got married in 2011 and has completed 11 years of her married life with Prince William. She has managed to stay away from any controversy all these years. Despite the British media being too curious to find out anything to blow out of proportion, Catherine has stayed away calmly and wisely. This shows how confident she is and how comfortable she is in her own character. Slowly and gradually, she is moving ahead.

She always looked promising from the very beginning. Her popularity reminds us of Diana, Princess of Wales.  I hope and believe that with the passage of time, Catherine will become an inspiration leader for the world, like her mother-in-law Diana.

Rajesh Chouhan
By email

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