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Wakeup call


Wildire in California has now become a common sight.

It’s so terrifying to see the disastrous situation of California because of climate change and it’s a wakeup call for the whole world to work together to save the world (“California wildfire rages on as US bakes in record-setting heat wave,” July 24, Gulf Today website).

The United States of America is the only superpower in the world. Despite its mighty position the United States can’t control alone the disaster of climate change at all.  A California wildfire ripped through thousands of acres Saturday after being sparked a day earlier, as millions of Americans sweltered through scorching heat with already record-setting temperatures due to climb.

The heat wave encompassing multiple regions has increased the risk of blazes, such as the major Oak Fire, which broke out Friday in California near Yosemite National Park, where giant sequoias have already been threatened by flames in recent days.

The fire — described as “explosive” by officials — grew from about 600 acres to around 11,900 acres (4,800 hectares) within 24 hours. Concentrated in Mariposa County, it has already destroyed ten properties and damaged five others, with thousands more threatened.

The blaze left ashes, gutted vehicles and twisted remains of properties in its wake, as emergency personnel worked to evacuate residents and protect structures in its path. The sign of global warming is visible around the world. It’s the first time in history that Europe has experienced its worst heat wave in summer that they never experienced before and it’s because of climate change. The only one solution to climate change is to take collective measures and implement it according to the spirit of it. Global warming is the real threat to the world. As human beings it’s our responsibility to save nature for the sake of our own precious lives.

Junaid Saleem,
By email

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