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I have been hearing a big pearl of wisdom about working smart, being creative, and being innovative. With the changing trends of employees and working styles, I ask myself — “Do the majority still not work from home”? It’s not a screenplay we saw a few years back when the world was faced with “COVID”.

Just after my evening workout, I was driving back home and was startled to see traffic moving at a snail’s pace. The core focus should be a work-life balance which many of us lack adding to problems that even affect our health. Stationed near the corner of my desktop and my office chair is my new couch.

My commute is the length of my hallway. My Snack drawer is my entire pantry with creams and moisturizers placed on my table to hydrate myself from time to time. My work-from-home jobs are very much a reality and fun. Some of the best times for me to finish my pending tasks, manage my time and plan the day whilst I have my little early morning brew ready and energized to kick start the day. Try to reckon by the time I get dressed up, put on my cozy outfit, commute to work in the hustle and bustle, getting caught in traffic with slow coach drivers in front by that time I can manage to clear my inbox. 

Quite fluky that I am doing this steadily, without having to contemplate about kids, or else it would have been another set. Jobs that let you work from home, an arrangement known as telecommuting, are here to stay with me. A platform is given to rely on self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. Whilst I hear the chirping of the birds and see them come and sit close to my window for a pause I work with liberalism. Hums simple and obvious but time management is what sums and this is the skill one needs to have.

I love multi-tasking so after work, there is not much dangling out unlike the time when friends used to catch up now I guess times have revised when everyone’s fascinated and glued to their smartphones fiddling and flicking living in their virtual world. Now that I am used to working from home I think organizations should promote the need of all those who have access to work from home.

Mathew Litty — Dubai

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