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Not justified!

The Bollywood has not been able to deliver a meaningful hit in 2022.

Bollywood has not been able to deliver any meaningful hit in 2022."

I am an avid Bollywood fan. I would watch almost every film which would release on Friday or Thursday. It used to be a source of entertainment for me, but post-pandemic, I failed to muster courage to go to the theatre and watch films. Content of cinema is completely missing these days. I don’t know what’s wrong with Bollywood filmmakers. They seem to have lost their originality. Many of my friends went to watch films like “Shamshera,”   “Samrat Prithviraj” and “Laal Singh Chaddha,” but felt disappointed.

If Bollywood keeps on giving such films, I am sure it will lose its audience. Bollywood cinema has a global audience and filmmakers should not treat their audience like mute spectators. Audiences have started reacting now because the cost of watching a film is very expensive these days compared to the olden days. Hence, Bollywood fans want value for money.

Now we have got an alternative source of entertainment like OTT platforms, where we are getting better content for some reason. If Bollywood does not improve its quality then I am sure it is going to repent. By the way, the millennial generation does not have the patience to go and watch cinemas in theatres. So to attract them Bollywood also needs to produce interesting films.

Junaid Ansari,
By email

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