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Winter holidays


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Kids can sleep all they want without setting their alarms. More than the summer holidays, I am pretty certain that pupils adore the winter holidays just because of the amusing weather out here.

I still reminisce about the time during my high school when we used to spray paint each other's uniforms and get mucky with all being stirred before we bid adios for the winter holidays. Although the winter holidays are shorter than the summer holidays we were still asked by our professors to complete many projects, assignments, case studies, etc.

Times have changed. Pupils now have everything on their tabs, smartphones, and Google – you can get anything they want at a click of a button.

This is the best opportunity for parents and children to come together and spent time qualitatively. Whilst schoolwork and assignments should not be ignored especially for those in high school portions can be covered up, pending lessons can be completed and students can be at ease and at peace.

Community and social work also add more advantages as it will give students more time to develop their skills and can get to know what’s happening in our community instead of sitting like couch potatoes in front of the TV or fiddling and flicking on their smartphones.

Parents have a lot of responsibility out here and this is the best time to instil moral values. Free personal space is required for them but needs to be monitored but the students themself need to know where to draw the line. So, do make the best use of these holidays and get back to school next year rejuvenated whilst many of us out here get decked up for another enchanted Christmas and New Year.

Mathew Litty,




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