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Appreciable initiative

Lula Da Silva

Luiz Lula da Silva

The Brazilian president, Luiz Lula da Silva, should be complimented for taking the initiative through China, to mediate an end to the Russia-Ukraine war. Lula is travelling to China to meet President Xi Jinping, when he will discuss his plan.

The time has come for non-aligned countries like India, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE to get together and prepare a plan to restore peace between Russia and Ukraine, which has already cost about 350,000 dead soldiers on both sides. In addition thousands of civilians, including children have died. Moreover, millions of citizens in Ukraine have been reduced to refugees in foreign lands. They are unemployed, poor and their children are being deprived of schooling.

In addition to the massive human cost, the economy of the entire world has gone into a tailspin, due to the protracted war. Russia and Ukraine together produce one-third of the world’s wheat. Ukraine is also a major producer of sunflower oil. Many countries in the Middle East are dependent on Russia and Ukraine for agricultural products. Due to agricultural shortfalls and transport issues, there are shortages of food in many parts of the world. Hence inflation is at all-time high, in many countries.

A protracted war in Ukraine will have ramifications across countries, including on the prices of oil, raw materials, commodities and supply chains. We live in a globally interdependent world now. Events in any part of the world have an immediate and cascading impact on all parts of the world. Global leaders must keep their cool and try to resolve issues peacefully. This is the essence of leadership.

The conscience of mankind is being sheared. Yet, there is no concerted endeavour by leaders of various nations to forge a team to visit Ukraine and Russia, to talk to the warring sides and negotiate a settlement. It would be useful if the nations focused on ensuring a ceasefire, rather than taking sides in this ugly battle. So, I salute President Lula.

Rajendra Aneja,
Mumbai, India

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