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Gruesome crime


Police official at the crime scene. Reuters

The United States’ government has to take ruthless action against the armed persons who are killing innocent men, women and children. Unstoppable gruesome crime is on the rise in many part of the country (“5 people, including 8-year-old child, killed in shooting at Texas home,” April 29, Gulf Today).

According to the report, a Texas man went next door with a rifle and began shooting his neighbours, killing an 8-year-old and four others inside the house, after the family asked him to stop firing rounds in his yard because they were trying to sleep, authorities said on Saturday.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said authorities were still searching for the 39-year-old suspect following the overnight shooting in the town of Cleveland, about 72 kilometres north of Houston. He said the suspect, whom he did not identify, used an AR-style rifle in the shooting.

From the start of the year 2023 many innocent people have been killed in mass shootings. The main targets for such gruesome crimes are schoolchildren, shopping centres and public places.

It’s a prime responsibility of the government to provide safety and security to its people. It’s the need of the hour to conduct an independent inquiry into the ill-fated shooting incident at Texas home and bring the culprits to justice.

Saqib Ahsan — By email

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