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The RTA has announced fine and black points for motorists who suddenly stop their vehicles in the middle of a road. WAM

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Now motorists will be fined if they ignore the traffic rule and suddenly stop the vehicle in the middle of the road in Dubai (“Dhs1,000 and 6 traffic points for suddenly stopping in the middle of the road in Dubai,” May 14, Gulf Today website).

There is no doubt that the majority of motorists carelessly stop their vehicles to fix the small faults of cars on their own in the middle of the road and they don’t care about the rest of the traffic on the road.

According to the report, a motorist who suddenly stops his vehicle in the middle of the road in Dubai will be fined Dhs1,000 and 6 traffic points, according to Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department at the Dubai Police. Al Mazrouei added that some motorists may be forced to stop in the middle of the road due to a vehicle malfunction, fuel depletion, or vehicle’s tyres failure in a way that impedes the traffic of other vehicles and endangers the lives of many. He added that it is one of the most serious violations as it results in serious accidents, deaths and severe injuries.

It’s a social responsibility of the motorists to obey the traffic rules because traffic rules are made to make sure people on the road will not face any ill-fated incidents. I am sure people will follow the traffic rules to avoid fines and save others from unfortunate incidents.

Zubair Khan,
By email

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