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G20 panel

A panel session is under way during the G20 Summit. (File Photo)

A panel session is under way during the G20 Summit. (File Photo)

The independent G20 panel meeting on climate action and for other sustainable development goals, is the ray of hope that the world has a firm commitment to address climate change, one of the deadliest threats to the world, and take concrete measures to achieve its goals (“G20 panel says additional $3 trillion needed by 2030 towards climate action,” July 18, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, additional spending of around $3 trillion each year by 2030 would be required towards incremental investments in climate action and for meeting other sustainable development goals, a G20 panel said in a report, reviewed by Reuters, on Tuesday. The independent panel, headed by economists Lawrence Summers and N.K. Singh, was commissioned by the Group of 20 nations to propose reforms for multilateral development banks with a focus on increasing funding for sustainable development goals and climate change, among others.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change has jolted the world. Last year in summer hundreds of innocent people lost their precious lives because of the heatwave, heavy rain, flooding and landslides. Last year was the first time when the Western countries experienced scorching heat and it was unimaginable and unbearable, many people died of the heatwave.

Because of the heatwave many countries in different parts of the world are facing wildfires which is the toughest task for any government to defuse and keep people who live nearby safe from such wildfires.  

The world should consider the recommendation of the G20 panel to save the world and coming generations from the disasters. An additional $3 trillion will enable the world to achieve its goal and will hopefully produce fruitful results.

Jalil Usman,
By email

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