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Khan can do it!


Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his 58th birthday on Thursday. Celebrities have swamped social media with heartwarming wishes. Almost everyone from Bollywood posted messages on social media. He is without doubt the most-loved star of India.  I have always appreciated him, though I am not a big fan of the superstar, but I admire his journey. I have always found his life an inspiration. Coming from television then becoming a global star is not a joke.

Very few Bollywood stars have managed to make a mark the way he has done. I feel people should look at his incredible journey and feel motivated. I like his resilient nature. When critics and experts wrote him off after a few flops, he bounced back with a blockbuster “Pathaan.”  Nobody expected him to be back again, but he did it in his own style.  He was loved and appreciated for his work in “Pathaan.” Then came “Jawaan,” and Khan has managed to regain his momentum back. Now everybody eagerly is waiting for his next film.  This is how SRK functions. I love the way he bounced back. We should take inspiration from his achievement.

Rahmat Ali,
By email

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