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Unfortunate incident


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The Sharjah dune mounting accident is an unfortunate incident which turned the joyful time into misery (“One killed, one injured in Sharjah dune mounting accident,” Nov.19, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, an Asian person was killed, while another was injured in an accident that took place on Friday evening while they were practising dune mounting with cars in Al Faiya area, the Central Region, Sharjah. “Many individuals and groups usually go to desert areas during the holidays to enjoy the rainy weather, particularly the young people who are fond of mounting dunes, but they sometimes perform stunts, which cause accidents and endanger their safety,” Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, said.

The life of a human being is strange, nobody knows what will happen in the next few minutes but still make plans for dates ahead. I am sure the group of friends who were enjoying the rainy day practising dune mounting with cars in the Al Faiya area had never thought of the outcome of their visit.

I would like to offer my deep sorrow to the family of a person who died in an unfortunate incident and pray for the departed soul to rest in peace.

Asad Khokhar, By email

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