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After years of inhabiting the hustle and bustle of Karama, I moved to another locality where at times I was to take the metro due to the traffic in Dubai.

I thought of taking a siesta from taking the metro but here I am again after so long. I sigh and say to myself the robust monotonous lifestyle should not make me hamper my expedition when I head back home, especially when I take my vehicle for a spin.

So that’s when I decided to switch to taking the metro travelling through the Gold Class and at times juggling working from home. Keeping in mind the cost of petrol, parking fees, etc. I try to find ways to use the metro although it does take time to reach the metro station commuting by the bus.

The journey of commuting through the metro is phenomenal and makes a lot of difference. Most of the time I will be standing in the Gold cabin taking a dekko through my smartphone on the latest hot news on “Gulf Today” or I will have all my 90s English hits I hear on the radio.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

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