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Climate change

Climate Change

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It’s a serious concern that people in Iraq are affected by climate change and fall into poverty. The world has to be united and fight against climate change which is slowly making life miserable for not only human beings but also affecting all the segments of life (“Iraqis displaced by climate change fall into poverty,” Nov.24, Gulf Today website).

Drought chased the father of 10 out of the countryside, where he had been a herder and farmer, and into a life of unemployment and urban poverty.

“We lost the land and we lost the water,” said the father in his 40s, wearing a traditional white robe.

He spoke to AFP in his home on the edges of Nasiriyah, capital of Dhi Qar province. Climate change disasters in many parts of the world are a wakeup call for the world to take necessary steps to counter climate change and save the world.


 Qasim Salaam, By email

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