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Blessed month


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In the course of my twilight stroll back home in India I happen to see Muslims getting decked up for the Ramadan so I try to reckon the preps that UAE is carrying out.  We are already in the third month and time flies with lots happening but I go with the flow. Endearing   the peaceful times unlike the usual trait of making a clamor every day, is something that I always look forward to. Ramadan offers, Iftar get tweet up might be in the top list for many.

Time has come, another month of orison and sacrifice where many of the Muslim proselytes might be now busy doing their little homework hopping into supermarkets and stores to get decked up for the month.  This unison of religion and culture mutates the dream destination of Dubai into a remarkable reality.

Although it’s time to show our empathy this won’t make me cease what I am usually doing with my workout, personal blogs, and write-ups, something that keeps me moving and booming in this hustle and bustle enlightens my patrons. Added to this the weather is still pleasant that there is no compromise to my daily regime.  

As a non-Muslim secular Indian emigre raised in Dubai all my life, I get ecstatic and jovial to be a part of this community and since I have new coworkers I get to know more insights from them on the precedence of Ramadan and what they do. There is a general feeling of goodwill within the community, which is united on the principles of Deen. Dubai, being a predominantly Muslim-populated emirate, has made the eminent of the holy month visible in all spheres of daily life whether in social, business, entertainment, or cultural aspects. As a whole Dubai is a progressive emirate embracing all sightseers and expatriates with warmth and providing them their religious space. However, it is not to be buried that the UAE is an Islamic country where religious followings are strictly adhered to. Striking a visit to  Dubai during Ramadan may not seem to be a feasible idea for many tourists, but if you want to explore the spiritual nuances of Islam, then this is the right time regardless of your beliefs.

Mathew Litty, Dubai

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