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Destination Dubai


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I travel a lot. I work for an international marketing company and my job involves lots of travelling. I am based in India, but I travel across the globe. I have been to places likes Malaysia, Singapore, Brunel, Ho Chi Minn City, Vietnam, Jordan, Bahrain, Germany, Brussels and many more. But when I came to Dubai I was amazed to see the city. Everything here is organised. Public transport system is at its best.

I stayed in Dubai for two weeks and I did not face any issue in going anywhere. I took taxi, buses and metro for my work. I did not have to take rent-a-car for my work. I could go anytime of the day and night without even thinking.  I found it incredible. Even taxi drivers are well-versed with places and they guided me very well. I had never seen such a great transport system anywhere in the world. I loved Dubai. Hotels were very well and they cater tourists very well. They guided me a lot during my 2 weeks of stay. 

Akmal Husain

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