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Incredible help

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Due to rain several areas of Sharjah have been badly affected. Apartments are also hit. But in no time I saw good government staff distributing goods and other essential items to almost everyone. I was amazed to see their effort. I also appreciate Sharjah Municipality for working day and night to make our city better. They were working 24 hours. It was incredible the way Sharjah government has started working just after the rain stopped.

I have never seen such incredible service anywhere. Even Civil Defence officials were working day and night to help people in need. From day one I saw police cars taking rounds of Sharjah to help people in need. Even many individuals were knocking on the doors of buildings and asking if anybody needed any help.

The entire city became like a family. People forgot their pain and started helping each other. I loved the way Sharjah came to the fore during such a tough time. I am fortunate to have been living in this incredible place.

Abhishek Sood, By email


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