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Jiggler devices


Mouse jigglers can allow work from home employees time to escape their desks. File/AFP

It looks like the jig is up for those that used mouse ‘jigglers’ while working, or pretending to work, at home. The jiggler devices keep the mouse moving randomly so that a screen stays on and it appears the user is still working. The US bank Wells Fargo, however has spoilt the fun by sacking workers who weren’t working.

Another way of keeping track of workers is by monitoring their swipe cards although this fails when others swipe for them but a foyer camera might stop that. Yes, Big Brother, or a little camera, is watching you and you are not paranoid, your boss is keeping track of you.

Of course, there is nothing to fear if you actually do your work, or so they tell you!

Dennis Fitzgerald,

Melbourne, Australia

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