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Big win

Starmer with supporters on the poll day.

Keir Starmer with supporters on the poll day.

The British people showed their trust in the UK’s Labour party and gave it a clear mandate to run the country. It’s now the prime responsibility of the Labour party to fulfil its promises it made with the people of the United Kingdom during the election campaign (“UK’s Labour sweeps to power as leader Starmer vows to bring change,” Gulf Today website).

According to the report, the centre-left Labour was set to win a massive majority in the 650-seat parliament with Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives poised to suffer the worst performance in the party’s long history as voters punished them for a cost of living crisis, failing public services, and a series of scandals.

The Conservative government which was ruling the country for the last 14 years met the fate they deserved in the general elections because the people of the United Kingdom believe that Conservative government policies made common people’s life miserable.

Junaid Malik,

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