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Respect privacy


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There has been a lot of hype when we hear and read news of famous celebrities, personalities getting divorced these days. Added to this, what is even more intriguing are utterances displayed on the socials by the public.

I am certain that each of us who has a family knows the implications and might have been in a similar situation when you’re faced with challenges and unsure of what to do.

These days, for many divorces are something that are common in the world and they consider it taboo. Not many love to accommodate with their loved ones, adjust and move. We read many petty affairs due to which couples have even filed for a divorce causing them emotionally distressed even for the families and kids.

All this boils down to appropriate pre-marital counselling and whether the couples are ready to tie the knot. The real show kickstarts after they are legally married.

Each couple has their conundrums in their marital life. We don’t need the public to impulsively prod, poke and make it worse by spewing their venom when they are not aware of the real truth.

What couples do, and how they want to live, is their personal freedom and prerogative and not the public’s. The communal can sit and fickle fiddle with their smartphones debating, commenting all they want but whether it serves the purpose is what needs to be envisaged.

Mathew Litty,


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