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Humanitarian aid

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The generosity of the United Arab Emirates and its people towards vulnerable brothers, sisters and children of Gaza in their difficult time is highly laudable and it will be remembered for ages (“Fourth UAE aid ship carrying aid for Gaza sets sail from Fujairah,” July 9, Gulf Today website).

According to the report, the fourth UAE aid ship carrying 5,340 tonnes of humanitarian supplies has set sail on Monday for the city of Al Arish, Egypt, destined for the Gaza Strip, as part of Operation “Chivalrous Knight 3” to support the Palestinian people in the Strip. The ship, which departed from the Port of Fujairah, is carrying 4,750 tonnes of food, 590 tonnes of shelter materials.

Poor people of Gaza are living their life in a completely destroyed city without food, water and electricity. A United Nations-coordinated partnership of 15 international organisations and UN agencies investigating the hunger crisis in Gaza reported on March 18, 2024, that “all evidence points towards a major acceleration of death and malnutrition.”

The UN report is so painful and alarming. At a time when vulnerable brothers and sisters of the Gaza Strip are looking towards the world to help them, the kind leadership of the United Arab Emirates continues playing its vital role to bring bright life to Gaza Strip through unstoppable humanitarian aid.

 Salman Afandi,

By email

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