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Dubai calling


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Summer vacation has already started. People are thronging Dubai International Airport to enjoy their break. Some are flying to their home countries to meet their families and relatives, while others are using this break as an opportunity to explore neighbouring countries. I am happy to see that Dubai Airport had issued an advisory last week, apprising passengers to reach a little in advance to avoid getting delayed. I also followed the advisory very sincerely and reached Dubai International Airport a little early with my family and I was amazed to see the management there.

Everything was smooth and hassle-free. Despite the rush, my family could finish everything in less than 30 minutes and they reached the Dubai Duty Free. I had little inhibition about traffic and rush at the airport but was delighted to see that everything was smooth. I have to admit that I had been to many countries, but I found Dubai Airport fast and smooth. I had been to many Asian and European countries, but never ever felt so comfortable. I have always felt that visiting Dubai Airport gives a feel that we are in luxury. Dubai has been constantly evolving and improving. I give credit to the Dubai Government for making it so cool.

Shabib Ahmed,

By email

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