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Publishing Policy

The editorial mission is to primarily provide information to the public on a range of issues, from politics to economics to health, lifestyle and culture. We also analyse indepth on a range of current topics which the readers would be eager to know – and read about. We also carry articles or reports that raise awareness on the ills of society, from bullying to cybercrimes.

Editorial review process: Before checking a copy, we look for three pillars: whether it is questionably and unnecessarily critical of the political system, any faith and community sentiments. The sub editor is briefed on these steps before he or she can submit the copy for review – and final publishing.

The copy is duly edited by the sub editor and then submitted to the head of section who then checks for facts should he have any doubts about any sentence.

Facts checking: Pictures are a prime category for examination. If it is vulgar, offensive to Islamic society or hurts local sentiment, then it is discarded. The same goes for texts too.

We have to be careful over comments mentioned by some people, including celebrities either here or abroad, that could hurt Emiratis or any other expatriate community living in the UAE.

In an age of slander and defamation on social media, care is also taken to ensure that there are no statements criticising the government or its policies, or any particular race or religion.

Ethics, standards, and corrections: Comments should also be based keeping in mind moral or ethical issues. What may be deemed right for some may not be proper for others. You should bear this in mind.

Standards of copy should be good, that merit attention. The copy has to be qualitative and not be given shoddy treatment.

You should also ensure that there are very few errors that call for correction. Frequent mistakes can not only bear on the website’s image; it can also be offputting for the first-time or potential visitor.

A news piece goes through several layers of fact checking before being published online.

If any misinformation is reported, the desk editors correct it and publish the news item.