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Shreyas is lovely leader, says Delhi’s ace spinner Ashwin

Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals’ players attend a training session in Dubai ahead of the IPL.

Mohammad Abdullah, Satff Reporter

Delhi Capitals’ ace spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was full of adulation for skipper Shreyas Iyer and coach Ricky Ponting.

Ashwin joined Capitals last year form Kings XI Punjab. He was traded for Jagadeesha Suchit for a whopping one million dollars.

“Shreyas is a lovely leader. He is young. I had a couple of chats with him. He is very clear in his head what he wants to do,” said Ashwin.

“The atmosphere in the team is very positive, very energetic and hardly there is anything spoken ill about in the team,” added the seasoned campaigner.

“The mood in the camp is extremely exuberant.

We have gone through a very difficult time in the last five six months and looking at people mingling with we each other is a delightful experience,” he added.

Earlier, Iyer had also heaped a lot of praise on the Capitals’ trio of Ashwin, swashbuckling batsman Shikhar Dhawan, India’s Test vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane, saying: “Ashwin and Rahane add depth to our side. They are the individuals, who are highly experienced and have a great knowledge of cricket. They have captained IPL sides. For me it is an opportunity to use their experience and reach out to them whenever I need.”

Ashwin also went gaga over Ponting, admiring him for his understanding for the game.

“It is wonderful feeling to work with Punter (Ricky Ponting). Had a couple of conversation with him. Still looking forward to work with more,” added Indian spinner Ashwin.

Ponting joined Capitals in Dubai after a few days of their arrival. He over saw their first training session on Tuesday.

Ponting was also full of praise for the Capitals’ new signings Ashwin and Rahane. He said the duo will add a lot of experience to the team that has still to win the IPL title in 12 attempts so far.

Ponting said: “Both of them are class players, and have been long-term Indian players. Ashwin has been one of the most successful spinners in the IPL history, and Rahane has led Rajasthan for a long time as well,” he said.

“They have all sorts of skill, class, and experience which they’ll add to our squad. We all know how important experience is in T20 cricket, and we understand that. We’ve got a young captain in Shreyas, but to have those older, more experienced minds on the ground will help us a lot,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ashwin also expressed his delight on finally coming out on the ground and do some real practice.

“Firstly, I am very excited to have come out of the bubble. Everything is done and dusted. Quarantine is done, tests have come positive and everyone if fine.

“So seeing a few human beings on the ground, all these things are something new. I have not managed to do something like this in at least six months so I am very excited.

“We have got the nets. The top quality batsmen batting and you are testing yourself against the best. All these things are innately imbibed, like you are meant to do all these,” added the 33-year-old.

“And all of a sudden you don’t do it for six months and then you know action is coming and then you are there in the nets again, it is an amazing feeling and I don’t know how to exactly put it in words. It is a wonderful feeling that one needs to go through.

“In the shorter format of the game it is harder to be a bowler and easier to be a batsman. My job is to come out in the middle on the seventh number. You get five-six balls to play. Sometimes you don’t get even that.

“Sometimes you go and just play a ball and other times you are at the non-striker end. These are the small roles that you need to start understanding a little bit,” added the veteran spinner.

“In the last two years, I played a few handy knocks and I am looking forward to contribute with the bat as well. Bowling is something that I enjoy despite people going after me and tonking me for few sixes and I don’t mind those runs. It is a challenge that I love to accept.

“It is very difficult to make do with what is there in the nets. Sometime a batter is looking to better his game against you and you are also looking to better yourself against him. As far as I am concerned, it is like a laboratory,” explained Ashwin about net practice.

“You go out there and do whatever you want to do. As far as batsman is concerned, you don’t have to worry about him. He is out there to do his job and you have to do yours. But when a batsman is going after me I try and make sure that I get him out,” he informed.

“Four five months back no one imagined IPL can happen and now it is happening. I have heard a lot about it. We thought there is not going to be any cricket at all. But then IPL came.”

The 13th edition of a delayed IPL will be played in the UAE form Sept.19 to Nov.10.

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