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El Basha Polo and New Edge Polo steal shown in AHPC League 2024

Members of the El Basha Polo team celebrate with the trophy after winning the AHPC League 2024 final against Habtoor Polo.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

AHPC League 2024 final match unfolded between Habtoor Polo and El Basha Polo, igniting the field with palpable energy.

From the onset, both teams displayed unwavering determination to score while maintaining solid defensive formations. Despite formidable defense on both ends, Habtoor Polo managed to secure the first goal of the match. Tommy Iarte of El Basha Polo showcased exceptional defensive strategies and goal-scoring abilities for his team.

Conversely, Pablo Urquiza of Habtoor Polo demonstrated outstanding skill, consistently bolstering his team's lead with precise plays.

As the match progressed, tension heightened, leading to a tied score in the final chukker and subsequently an overtime period.

Despite a fiercely contested overtime, El Basha Polo emerged victorious in the AHPC League 2024.

Earlier, the subsidiary final of the AHPC League kicked off with an exhilarating match-up between Dubai Wolves and New Edge Polo. From the very start, the competition was intense, characterized by strong defensive plays. Santos Iarte showcased remarkable consistency in scoring goals for New Edge Polo, while Dubai Wolves exhibited solid defensive strategies.

Although New Edge Polo displayed consistent goal-scoring, Dubai Wolves remained resilient in their defensive efforts.

Despite Dubai Wolves' relentless performance, New Edge Polo's exceptional teamwork prevailed, securing victory in the subsidiary final of the AHPC League.