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Six Dubai-based athletes look to shine at Paris Olympics 2024

Dubai-born badminton player Tanisha Crasto and her partner Ashwini Ponnappa will represent India at the Paris Games.

Dubai-born badminton player Tanisha Crasto and her partner Ashwini Ponnappa will represent India at the Paris Games.

Dubai will proudly boast at least six athletes competing in the Paris Olympic Games at the end of this month.

Born, bred and residing in Dubai, the six athletes are Indian badminton star Tanisha Crasto along with swimmers Yazan Al Bawwab (Palestine), Muhammad Ahmed Durrani (Pakistan), Rana Saad Al Din (Sudan), Karen Belbeisi (Jordan) and Eritrea’s Christina Rach.

The Paris Olympic Games will take place in the French capital from July 26 to August 11. These six athletes will make Dubai proud by competing among the best in the world, showcasing the excellent sporting infrastructure available in Dubai.

Born and residing in Dubai, the 21-year-old Tanisha expressed her delight at qualifying to represent India in the badminton doubles along with Ashwini Ponnappa at the 2024 Paris Games.

She expressed her gratitude for the efforts put in by the Dubai Sports Council while launching the Dubai Badminton Time programme, which gave her the opportunity to train, practice develop her talent while making it to the top of her sport.

Backed by her parents Tulip and Clifford, Tanisha came through the badminton system while utilizing the facilities provided by an excellent sporting city like Dubai.

Her father mentioned that the availability of top-class training facilities designed to the highest standards, along with the care and support for the sports sector from the academic wing gave his daughter the right platform in putting in hard hours of practice on court on a daily basis.

In addition, she benefitted from the availability of competitions throughout the year and at all levels, Clifford pointed out.

“The ever-ready presence of top-class coaches and sports specialists here have further contributed to giving our daughter the necessary experience to develop her level,” he added.

Swimmers Belbeisi and Rush have been training since their teenage years at the Hamilton Academy Dubai, that is based at the state-of-the-art Hamdan Sports Complex. It is here that the two swimmers learned to swim and develop until they qualified to represent their respective country at the Olympics.

In addition, there are three others swimmers, namely Bawwab, Durrani and Al Din who have also been training at the Speedo Dubai Academy since his budding years.

All five swimmers from Dubai have competed in their respective age groups so far, at various competitions that have been held at the Hamdan Sports Complex.

Each of these six athletes who have qualified for Paris have been performing over a sustained period of time while winning a large number of titles and medals at various local, regional and international championships with the academies they train with in Dubai. Ultimately, they have all been able to fulfill their dreams of reserving a ticket to participate at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Over time, Dubai has become the preferred destination for the best international academies, establishing itself as a hub for elite sports training. It is also among the most favored training stops for world champions across various Olympic sports. The city’s state-of-the-art facilities, ideal climate, and comprehensive support systems have attracted top-tier athletes and coaches from around the globe. Dubai’s commitment to sports excellence is reflected in its ability to consistently host high-caliber training camps and events, making it an essential location for those aiming to achieve peak performance and success on the world stage.

Dubai, on the other hand, has not disappointed, emerging as one of the most prominent hosts for athletes and teams preparing for specialized individual and team sports. The city has consistently set a truly high standard, offering world-class facilities and a supportive environment that caters to the needs of both amateur and professional athletes.

This commitment to excellence has solidified Dubai’s reputation as a premier destination for sports training and preparation, attracting top talent from around the globe.

The city’s dedication to fostering athletic achievement is evident in its continual investment in cutting-edge infrastructure and the provision of comprehensive support services, ensuring that athletes have everything they need to reach their full potential.