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Dubai Culture supports culinary art through #CreateTogether campaign

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The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has organised a 'Culinary Arts' campaign as part of the '#CreateTogether' campaign that was launched on social media platforms in March 2020.

The culinary campaign seeks to support and encourage cooking as an art form that stimulates innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship as well as encourages practitioners to be creative in their respective fields.

Through the Culinary Arts campaign, Dubai Culture endeavoured to highlight the different culinary arts of the various cultures living in Dubai and introduce society members to cooking methods that differ from one country to another as well as from one culture to another.

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In addition to offering a platform to reflect the coexistence between cultures in the emirate, the Authority also aimed to position cooking as an art and chefs as artists who express their creativity through their choice of ingredients and how they present the food.

Renowned chefs across the UAE participated in the campaign, providing live cooking sessions on Instagram and utilising the #CreateTogether hashtag. During these sessions, international dishes were prepared with an Emirati touch. 

For example, one chef prepared French toast by using cardamom, and another employed Arabic flavours when preparing Tiramisu. Through this blending of western and eastern flavours, cooking was easily presented as a creative art that can help bring different views together as well as consolidate the exchange of ideas and coexistence on several levels. 

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Dubai Culture seeks through the #CreateTogether campaign to inspire creative talents of various nationalities and cultures to provide innovative, cultural creations that would contribute to enhancing the audiences’ engagement with the cultural sector by encouraging creative talents to display their products from their homes to a wide segment of community member.


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