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Egyptian students design robot that makes and serves drinks


Combo photo shows the robot serving food.

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Ten students of the Faculty of Computers and Information at Kafr El Sheikh University in Egypt created a smart robot as a graduation project.


The robot makes and serves drinks, and it costs £15,000 to make it.


According to the Media Centre of the Ministry of Higher Education, the robot provided drinks to those who frequented cafes, where the drinks were placed on a table and the robot was directed to take and serve them.


This innovation comes amid the war against the coronavirus to help business owners affected by the spread of the pandemic, with the aim of reducing infections resulting from direct dealings.


The robot works with an advanced technology as it presents the customer an electronic menu from which he/ she selects what to drink.


The smart beverage device then prepares it. The robot follows a drawn path on the ground to reach the person who ordered the drink and stops in front of the table for 10 seconds to serve the drink.


After that, the robot returns to its place and prepares to receive new orders.

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