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Whipped feta and sun-dried tomato dip

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This velvety concoction combines crumbled feta, cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes with a hint of double cream for a luxurious texture.

This dip is perfect for spreading on bagel chips or toasted bread, making it an ideal addition to any gathering or a cosy night in.


150g feta, crumbled

165g tub cream cheese

150g Cooks & Co Sun-Dried Tomatoes

100ml double cream

1 Cooks & Co Red & Yellow Peppers (½ of each), finely chopped

3 bagels

25g Cooks & Co Sweety Drop Peppers


1. Whisk the feta, cream cheese and ½ the sun-dried tomatoes with 2 tbsp of the tomato oil, then whisk in the cream until slightly thickened.

2. Season and stir in the remaining sun-dried tomatoes, chopped and the peppers.

3. Slice each of the bagels horizontally into 4 circles and place on a large baking tray, grill until golden on both sides.

4. Sprinkle the sweety drop peppers over the dip and serve with the bagel chips.

Cooks tip: Also great spooned onto jacket potatoes or toasted bread.

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