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Dubai Taxi returns 70% of lost items during first half of 2019


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RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) revealed that it had returned 70% of lost items reported by Dubai taxi users, which amounted to 7,408 cases in the first half of 2019. Items lost included personal belongings such as electronic devices, documents, passports, gold bars, cheques, and cash.

“During the first six months of this year, DTC returned 5,220 lost items to clients whether reported by clients through DTC Call Centre or returned by taxi drivers. Items found were either returned to owners or referred to Dubai Police, Dubai Airports and other entities for handing over to owners in case reported,” said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of DTC.

DTC is making every effort to fast track the delivery of lost items to clients as it appreciates the importance of such items. It has therefore opened multiple channels enabling taxi riders to report their lost items through either visiting the Customers Happiness Centre at Muhaisina, contacting the Call Centre (8009090), or sending e-mail to (

“Taxi riders are urged to be more attentive to their belongings and not hesitate to report lost items. DTC has a control centre fitted with smart technologies for monitoring the taxi operations, the performance of drivers, service quality, emergency cases, and customers belongings. DTC always stresses the values of transparency and honesty among staff and places top priority to maintaining high professional ethics. Compliance with these principles contributes to realizing RTA’s vision and making people happier,” concluded Al Ali.

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