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Ready yourself for future in holidays, advises varsity


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Imran Mojib, Special Correspondent

With schools and universities closing for summer break, there are plenty of productive ways to spend the holiday that can be beneficial for educational and future career purposes.

Here are some tops tips shared by The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD) professors for students to make the most of their months off.

Their top most advice is to enrol in short programmes and courses as the summer vacation is the best time to expand knowledge. Taking time off to learn a new language or pursue a hobby can be relaxing and refreshing whilst allowing you to stay occupied during your months off school.

Students graduating from high school can also make use of this time to apply for IELTS exams or foundation programmes before joining a university. UOWD offers an IELTS package to high school students applying to universities. This includes a two-week preparation course and the exam. Students can also enrol in an English learning programme to help them build their language skills for university.

For those in need of extra credits for college applications, UOWD offers a Foundation Studies programme that helps students upgrade their qualifications. Students taking up summer courses at the university can also take part in extra-curricular activities such as the summer fiesta and student club events.

Franky Barreto, Manager of Student Services comments, “Internships are a very good way to utilise the summer and kickstart your career. The ideal time to apply for internships would be right before the summer so that recruiters have the time to scan through CVs and conduct interviews.”

Learn Arabic over the summer, suggest the academics. With temperatures rising outside, learning a new language is the perfect solution to keep busy indoors. Those looking to immerse themselves in the Middle Eastern culture can explore and learn the Arabic language.

Those looking to improve their Arabic skills can register for the UOWD’s Yalla! Arabic course, taught by International award-winning faculty. The course also allows students to practice their newly-learned Arabic through activities outside of the classroom.

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