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Workshop employee fined Dhs27,000 for using a customer’s vehicle


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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Court of First Instance obligated a workshop worker to pay Dhs27,000 to the owner of a vehicle, which she handed over to him to repair some minor damages, but he used it without her approval and knowledge, committed traffic violations with it and caused other damages.

In detail, a woman filed a lawsuit against a workshop worker in which she requested that he be obligated to pay her Dhs50,000, in compensation for the damages she incurred, besides the fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

The plaintiff said that the appellee was convicted of the incident with a penal ruling which became final due to his mistake, which caused her material and moral damages.

Both parties to the lawsuit appeared in court and the appellee submitted a memorandum in which he claimed that the plaintiff was the one who breached her obligation because she did not pay all the costs of repairing the vehicle, adding that when he drove the vehicle to test it, a traffic ticket was issued against the vehicle due to the expiration of ownership.

He indicated that the owner did not tell him the ownership was expired, and he requested, based on that, that the lawsuit be dismissed.

The judge appointed an engineering expert specialised vehicle’s mechanics, who proved in his report that the appellee owed the plaintiff a total of Dhs22,155, after deducting the amount for repairing the vehicle and including the value of the traffic fine issued against the plaintiff’s vehicle during the period it was in the workshop.

The court explained that the appellee’s mistake was proved and that it added Dhs4,845 to the amount decided by the expert as compensation for damages, and then obligated him to pay Dhs27,000 to the plaintiff.

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