70-year-old needy woman in Jordan finds $63,000 in her 40-year-old bank account - GulfToday

70-year-old needy woman in Jordan finds $63,000 in her 40-year-old bank account


An official checks documents of Azraa Qudsayah at her house.

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A 70-year-old Jordanian woman of Pakistani origin got the surprise of her life when she was told that she had $63,000 in her account which she had opened almost 40 years ago.

Azraa Qudsayah Kefayat Allah Khan has completely forgotten about the decades old account.

She was told that the amount is her retirement salary over the 14 years.

Khan discovered the surprising news when she went to Mafraq governorate, north of Jordan to ask for some financial help.

Khan was overjoyed when the community police knocked at the decaying door of the room where she lived alone, to inform her of the news.

Salman Al Najada, the governor of Mafraq explained that Khan headed to the governorate to seek help, due to her harsh financial conditions and the competent authorities found that 250 dinars (about $353) were transferred monthly to her bank account since 2008, without her knowledge, besides the interests of the deposit.

He added that she went to the bank to re-activate the account and get the amount.

Khan used to worked as a nurse in disease vaccination field in the Ministry of Health and then as a legal midwife assisting women in childbirth.

Khan indicated she lived alone as she did not get married and would get her house repaired with the money.

The house was donated to her by a person some 16 years ago.


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