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Enjoying things best way to relax yourself

Birjees Hussain

She has more than 10 years of experience in writing articles on a range of topics including health, beauty, lifestyle, finance, management and Quality Management.

Representational image. (Unsplash)

Representational image. (Unsplash)

Up until the 1700s, the mortality rates in most parts of the West were very high. Back in those days, sanitation was unheard of, medicines were limited, doctors’ knowledge about the human body was also limited to the extent of research they could conduct based on what little primitive equipment they had at their disposal and, of course, the water was often unclean and bacteria ridden. Even washing dishes was a problem as was doing the laundry so it’s no wonder that people contracted germs and often died because of the lack of good healthcare.

But apparently, according to recent studies, the introduction of drinking tea around 1700 dramatically reduced the number of deaths. They say they’ve confirmed that the introduction of drinking tea literally saved people’s lives. I suppose back in those days, there was no such thing as a hot drink, as people mostly drank water or alcohol. It never occurred to them to boil their water to kill off harmful bacteria before drinking it. The introduction of tea then changed this very habit.

Now I think that today we can take this aspect of tea drinking being a lifesaver in a more metaphorical sense instead of literal. Today, experts attribute so many health benefits to this beverage. They say that drinking tea may reduce the risk of cancer (especially if it’s green tea) and some may even help control blood pressure, weight loss and even help with anxiety.

You know what? I think that some of this is partly true because, if taken literally, many could solely rely on these natural methods to control serious health conditions instead of seeking professional help. If anything, they should supplement their medication with these additional natural remedies and even then they should only do so after seeking advice from their doctor.

When I’ve had an especially trying day, both emotionally and physically, there are certain things that I do to comfort and relax myself. You see, I usually rise at 5am to do my daily chores, that’s including a shopping trip, and in that mix of things I need to do daily, I also throw in some personal activities like writing my column, recording my YouTube videos, doing the odd art commission and dealing with dramas that might be happening around me. It’s physically and mentally exhausting and the one moment I look forward to is after lunch, around 2.20 to 3pm, when I can go to this library in the building and sit at my favourite table with a mug of coffee, a small piece of chocolate or two, my paints and my writing material. That is the first time I really get to sit down in the day and do things just for me, even if it’s messaging friends, promoting my videos or simply watching YouTube on my phone. That, to me, is my daily lifesaver.

You might have your own way of saving yourself from the trials and tribulations of everyday living.

You might like to pop down to your favourite coffee shop and order your favourite double mocha cappuccino with a small slice of cake. Or you might just like to go for a walk outside, when weather permits, so that you can think more clearly. Instead of calming themselves with a hot cup of something, some people like to blow off steam at the gym or they like to go running, again if the weather permits. Some even like to sit down in front of the television and watch their favourite movie. Something like a fantasy that takes them away from their horrible circumstances. And some like to chat it out with a good friend. Not a stranger but a friend who knows them so well that they don’t have to explain things from scratch, which can also be very annoying.

Tea may be a life saver but it’s no longer literal. If you’re a tea drinker that’s great, but other things may help you too. Maybe you don’t know what that thing is. The trick is to find what calms you by trial and error to see which one you enjoy the most. Enjoying things is the best way to relax yourself.

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